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4 Costly Mistakes To Avoid In Data Center Management

8 February 2016
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A poorly managed data center will cost your company a lot of money. Data centers consume energy and take up a lot of space, so maximizing their effectiveness and efficiency is vital for improving your company's bottom line.  One of the most important steps to properly managing your data center is being aware of the most common data center management mistakes. The following are four of the most common management mistakes that are currently plaguing data center managers: Read More …

Designing A Game Server With Colocation Services

8 September 2015
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The modern world of gaming is full of new ways to come together as gamers. From massively multiplayer online (MMO) games with large worlds of exploration to lobby games with a few players at a time, gamers can now connect with friends, enemies and new encounters down the street or across the world. For many games, players connect to a specific company's servers to play by that company's rules. If you want the power to mold an existing game world with your hands into a new design while delivering a changed product to gamers across the world, consider a few ways that data center colocation can help. Read More …

Debunking Popular Myths About Internet Connection Speed

31 August 2015
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Whether you only use the internet for social networking and email or you stream media, work online, and have multiple connected devices, the speed of your internet service will likely be very important to you. A slow connection can mean that the valuable time that you do spend online is not as efficient as it should be and you could end up spending a good portion of your time online waiting for pages to load or media to display properly. Read More …