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How Does Internet Speed Impact Computer Gaming?

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Computer gaming has burst into a world of big commercial titles, innovative independent (indie) titles and everything in between. Long gone are the days where the only way to get a game was to buy a cartridge, diskette, CD, DVD or other physical media, as many gamers simply download the games they need straight to their storage drive. Downloading games quickly is just one part of the equation, but if you’re wondering how much the internet affects the rest of your gaming experience, here’s some networking insight. Online Gaming Needs A Consistent Connection With online gaming, there are many types of games with different levels of competition, synchronization and ways that the internet can cause problems if not managed properly. The least of your troubles is co-op gaming. These online games are almost no different from hooking up an extra controller to a video game console, in that you and your friends play in a pre-rendered (already built and full of expected outcomes) world. In most multiplayer co-op games with around 4 or 8 players, the internet mostly just exists to get you connected to the same world. If the game uses a dedicated multiplayer server, it only needs to manage a game session between you and a few other players. The information updates that contain what you and other players do to the server are so small that you would need major problems nearing complete internet failure to notice an issue, but that’s still an issue that gamers face. If there’s bad wiring in your home, infrastructure issues throughout your local area that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) needs to fix, or problems with your own connection, you’ll be standing in place while trying to play, jumping across the map in ways you can’t control, or getting disconnected constantly. If there’s no dedicated game server and you’re simply connecting to your friend, internet problems with either one of you will spell trouble for the entire game. Massively Multiplayer Internet Failure The world of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games has grown into its own industry since the days of Everquest, Ultima Online, Dark Ages Online, Final Fantasy 11 and the current giant World of Warcraft. If you plan on having any level of fun on an MMO, your internet connection standards must be higher than average. MMO games rely on a constant stream of updates between you and the game server. Unlike co-op games, there’s more than just information about the inner world of the game. First, an explanation of what the standard MMO server handles. At your favorite MMO, there isn’t one big computer running a big monitor that shows your world. Instead, the server is a series of text files and databases that update everything in the world with numbers, labels and updates. Your character and other players are identification numbers, but so are the non-player characters (NPCs). Items dropping from enemies are randomly generated from a data table for that enemy that represents results for you and players involved in the kill. Your installed copy of the game with intense graphics and sounds is merely an interface. Your computer isn’t making these things appear. This means that constant updates about the state of the game must be sent down to milliseconds(ms) of correctness. It’s anecdotal, but even 200ms of delay...

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4 Costly Mistakes To Avoid In Data Center Management

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A poorly managed data center will cost your company a lot of money. Data centers consume energy and take up a lot of space, so maximizing their effectiveness and efficiency is vital for improving your company’s bottom line.  One of the most important steps to properly managing your data center is being aware of the most common data center management mistakes. The following are four of the most common management mistakes that are currently plaguing data center managers: Not taking advantage of virtualization and cloud computing Nowadays, companies are really missing out if they’re not taking advantage of the capabilities of virtualization and cloud computing. These two technologies are great for reducing the overhead costs of running a data center. They can maximize the usefulness of the hardware you have and minimize the costs of software and storage in your data center.  Not appropriately sizing data center design Companies often make the mistake of oversizing a data center design because they’re optimistically planning to rapidly grow into it.  An improperly sized data center can bring about cooling system problems and power supply issues. As much as possible, anticipated needs for expansion should be gradually worked into the design over time so that operational systems are not too big for the IT demands that need to be accommodated.  Neglecting to design an end-to-end strategy Decisions regarding data center management and design need to be made through a systematic, end-to-end process. Systematic decision making is especially important in data center management because data centers bring together many different types of equipment, staff, and energy demands.  When planning for the placement of data center components, the smallest factors such as the placement of cooling equipment and IT racks can have a huge impact on efficiency. Therefore, this systematic decision making is especially important during the build process when design additions and alterations are being made to a data center. Overlooking security measures One of the most important considerations in data center management is security. A security breach in your data center can quickly destroy your company.  Managers sometimes make the mistakes of assuming that their company’s data won’t be of interest to hackers. However, security equipment like circle locks, card readers, and retina scanners are important for the data center of any company. Every company has sensitive data such as client payment information. It’s your responsibility to both your clients and your company to protect this data with a firm security system at your data center. For more information, contact a company like Cologix or another...

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Designing A Game Server With Colocation Services

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The modern world of gaming is full of new ways to come together as gamers. From massively multiplayer online (MMO) games with large worlds of exploration to lobby games with a few players at a time, gamers can now connect with friends, enemies and new encounters down the street or across the world. For many games, players connect to a specific company’s servers to play by that company’s rules. If you want the power to mold an existing game world with your hands into a new design while delivering a changed product to gamers across the world, consider a few ways that data center colocation can help. No Hardware Responsibility One problem with running a physical server is having the resources and available space to manage it. A server could be as small as a desktop computer or as large as a 19-inch server rack with all of the equipment taken into consideration. You’ll need a router that can handle all of the traffic coming in from gamers across the world while sending information to the same players. The Internet connection needs to be able to support that level of traffic as well, and the requirements can change daily depending on how popular your privately-managed game server becomes. Data center colocation takes a lot of that responsibility out of your hands. The equipment already exists at a facility dedicated to server management and is maintained by technicians skilled in server maintenance and administration. Your main responsibility is paying the bill on time and customizing the server as you see fit. You may look at subscription costs for server space as a continuing cost, but you may not be saving money by building your own server. You aren’t just paying one time; a server likely requires a higher Internet connection than you’d need for your own Internet usage, and there are cooling requirements that could demand more electricity. Look to the utilities that you’d have to pay more for and compare them to the data center’s cost. Customizing Your Own Game From Anywhere Another benefit of colocation is the ability to log in remotely. As a standard part of colocation, you’ll need credentials such as a user name and password in order to log into the system. For many systems, you can log the server from anywhere with an Internet connection. This can come in handy when you have files on a different computer or need a faster Internet connection. Instead of using your home connection, you may have faster access to Internet at work, school or other locations. As long as you can log in, you can send the files faster from anywhere you want. It’s important to note that there are still times when data can become corrupted during transmission. Although some public or membership Internet connections may offer fast, wireless or mobile connections, it may be better to use a more stable wired connection to ensure safe arrival of your files. For more information, contact Cologix or a similar...

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Debunking Popular Myths About Internet Connection Speed

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Whether you only use the internet for social networking and email or you stream media, work online, and have multiple connected devices, the speed of your internet service will likely be very important to you. A slow connection can mean that the valuable time that you do spend online is not as efficient as it should be and you could end up spending a good portion of your time online waiting for pages to load or media to display properly. To get the most from the connection speed you have available, there are a few myths about Internet speed that you should get out of the way right from the start.  Myth: It is more important to have a faster connection speed than a quality data processor.  Fact: Even though both are important, without a quality data processing system on your PC or other device, your connection speed will not really help. You can have the highest connection speed possible, but if your device is not capable of translating data quickly, you will still be left with slow translations, which will hinder downloads, web browsing, and various other actions you may do online.  Myth: You should get the advertised connection speed with your provider without regard to what you are doing.  Fact: If you find a fast internet service provider who offers 50 Mbps of connection speed, for example, you may expect that this is what you should experience every time that you log on. While it is true that 50 Mbps would be rather fast, the same speed cannot be expected consistently. Web servers are in various locations across the globe and your speed can vary according to the distance of these servers, the type of PC you are using for access, and even how many people are accessing the same site at one time.  Myth: A good router will help boost your connection speed.  Fact: A good router is only part of the equation when it comes to your connection speed. In most cases, if you are showing full connection to your network router, the device is doing its job and you will not have interference with the connection speed that you get. What a good router can do is help maintain a continuous connection to your devices, either wirelessly or otherwise.  When it comes down to the facts, having a quick internet connection is definitely important, but you must make sure that you have a full understanding of the myths surrounding fast internet services. For more information about achieving the fastest connection in your area, talk to a service provider like Reserve...

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