4 Costly Mistakes To Avoid In Data Center Management

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4 Costly Mistakes To Avoid In Data Center Management

8 February 2016
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A poorly managed data center will cost your company a lot of money. Data centers consume energy and take up a lot of space, so maximizing their effectiveness and efficiency is vital for improving your company's bottom line. 

One of the most important steps to properly managing your data center is being aware of the most common data center management mistakes. The following are four of the most common management mistakes that are currently plaguing data center managers:

Not taking advantage of virtualization and cloud computing

Nowadays, companies are really missing out if they're not taking advantage of the capabilities of virtualization and cloud computing. These two technologies are great for reducing the overhead costs of running a data center. They can maximize the usefulness of the hardware you have and minimize the costs of software and storage in your data center. 

Not appropriately sizing data center design

Companies often make the mistake of oversizing a data center design because they're optimistically planning to rapidly grow into it. 

An improperly sized data center can bring about cooling system problems and power supply issues. As much as possible, anticipated needs for expansion should be gradually worked into the design over time so that operational systems are not too big for the IT demands that need to be accommodated. 

Neglecting to design an end-to-end strategy

Decisions regarding data center management and design need to be made through a systematic, end-to-end process. Systematic decision making is especially important in data center management because data centers bring together many different types of equipment, staff, and energy demands. 

When planning for the placement of data center components, the smallest factors such as the placement of cooling equipment and IT racks can have a huge impact on efficiency. Therefore, this systematic decision making is especially important during the build process when design additions and alterations are being made to a data center.

Overlooking security measures

One of the most important considerations in data center management is security. A security breach in your data center can quickly destroy your company. 

Managers sometimes make the mistakes of assuming that their company's data won't be of interest to hackers. However, security equipment like circle locks, card readers, and retina scanners are important for the data center of any company.

Every company has sensitive data such as client payment information. It's your responsibility to both your clients and your company to protect this data with a firm security system at your data center. For more information, contact a company like Cologix or another business.