3 Ways TACACS Software Improves Network Security

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3 Ways TACACS Software Improves Network Security

9 August 2022
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A Terminal Access Controller Access Control System (TACACS) can quickly improve the security of your systems and network. What are the benefits of installing this software?

1. Set Customized Access Controls 

You won't necessarily want your entire technical team to have the same access permissions and protocols. In fact, you might not want too many people to have full access to your network. The more people who can completely control your network, the more at risk it is.

While some authentication systems give you some control, you might not get all the features and flexibility you want. You might not be able to drill down controls to suit your access preferences.

A TACACS software package gives you complete and customizable control. You decide who has access to tasks and parts of your network. Some systems even allow you to change access protocols by time and day.

So, for example, you could bar a team from running tasks that will affect your network availability during the day. You can set protocols that restrict these tasks to evenings and weekends.

You can also allocate types of tasks to individuals or teams. This allows you to restrict full root access to your network. As a whole, individuals and teams can do everything you need; however, no one person or group can make major changes to your systems on their own.

2. Get Better Change Tracking

If someone makes a harmful change to your network, either maliciously or accidentally, then you need to identify who made the change and what they did. While access control packages do give you some tracking data, it isn't always as useful as you need it to be.

A TACACS system can give you comprehensive data on any change made to your network or systems. If you have enhanced reporting, then you should find out when the change was made. You should also be able to identify the individual and their location.

3. Set up Multi-Factor Authentication

If you need to maintain high-security standards, then single-factor authentication might not be enough to protect your network. If someone gets access to a user password, then they can get into your systems.

If you use a TACACS solution, then you can set up multi-factor authentication to add layers of security. For example, the system could require a user to access and enter a code to prove their identity whenever they need to work on a network-critical task.

To learn more about TACACS software, contact internet service providers.