Debunking Popular Myths About Internet Connection Speed

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Debunking Popular Myths About Internet Connection Speed

31 August 2015
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Whether you only use the internet for social networking and email or you stream media, work online, and have multiple connected devices, the speed of your internet service will likely be very important to you. A slow connection can mean that the valuable time that you do spend online is not as efficient as it should be and you could end up spending a good portion of your time online waiting for pages to load or media to display properly. To get the most from the connection speed you have available, there are a few myths about Internet speed that you should get out of the way right from the start. 

Myth: It is more important to have a faster connection speed than a quality data processor. 

Fact: Even though both are important, without a quality data processing system on your PC or other device, your connection speed will not really help. You can have the highest connection speed possible, but if your device is not capable of translating data quickly, you will still be left with slow translations, which will hinder downloads, web browsing, and various other actions you may do online. 

Myth: You should get the advertised connection speed with your provider without regard to what you are doing. 

Fact: If you find a fast internet service provider who offers 50 Mbps of connection speed, for example, you may expect that this is what you should experience every time that you log on. While it is true that 50 Mbps would be rather fast, the same speed cannot be expected consistently. Web servers are in various locations across the globe and your speed can vary according to the distance of these servers, the type of PC you are using for access, and even how many people are accessing the same site at one time. 

Myth: A good router will help boost your connection speed. 

Fact: A good router is only part of the equation when it comes to your connection speed. In most cases, if you are showing full connection to your network router, the device is doing its job and you will not have interference with the connection speed that you get. What a good router can do is help maintain a continuous connection to your devices, either wirelessly or otherwise. 

When it comes down to the facts, having a quick internet connection is definitely important, but you must make sure that you have a full understanding of the myths surrounding fast internet services. For more information about achieving the fastest connection in your area, talk to a service provider like Reserve Telecommunications.