Why Do You Keep Going Over Your Data Cap?

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Why Do You Keep Going Over Your Data Cap?

7 August 2020
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Have you been consistently getting warnings each month from your Internet service provider about exceeding your data cap? If so, you're likely wondering why it is happening and what you can do about it. Here are some reasons why you may be a good candidate for an unlimited data plan and no longer worry about how much data you use. 

Your Home Is Constantly On Video Calls

Now that more people are working and learning from home, video conferencing has become the norm. It is not unheard of for everyone in a household to be on a video conference at some point during the day, which really adds up day after day in terms of data. With school starting soon in the fall, many kids will be doing e-learning and the video conferencing will continue to ramp up some more. Don't be surprised to see you hit your data caps again as working and learning from home continues.

Your Home Is Using BitTorrent 

It is a good idea to find out what everyone is using their computer for that could be consuming a lot of data without you knowing it. One likely culprit is if someone in your home is using BitTorrent to transfer files. The act of constantly uploading and downloading files can put a big strain on your data cap. Once those files are downloaded, they are going to upload to anybody that is also requesting a copy, which means that the demand for sending data could be endless. Make sure you put a stop to these actions because they could be what is pushing you over the limit unnecessarily.

Your Home Loves Streaming Video

Does it seem like your home is constantly streaming video to multiple TVs at once? All that data needs to come into your home in order to do so, and bandwidth isn't free. Watching a video in 4K and on multiple devices can easily increase your data use without even realizing it, since you can't easily control the quality of the video coming in and monitor how much data it is actually using.

You're Syncing Files With Co-Workers

Are you using a file syncing service with co-workers while you work from home? This can easily push a lot of data in and out of your home without you realizing it. While you may not be using much data, co-workers that are uploading and modifying large files can easily put you over the data caps for files that you are not even using. 

If you are dealing with one or more of these issues, reach out to your internet service provider and ask about upgrading to unlimited Internet.